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Cabinet and committees announcement set for next week

Councillors and democracy

12 May 2022

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West Northamptonshire Council has set out its Leadership Team for the forthcoming year, ahead of its annual meeting next week.

At the meeting on Thursday (19 May), the council will receive notification of Cabinet posts for 2022/23, as well as agreeing all other committee memberships.

The new Cabinet will see Councillor Jonathan Nunn continue as Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Strategy, with Councillor Adam Brown as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Culture and Leisure.

Cllr Dan Lister is set to take on the role of Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Town Centre Regeneration and Growth, taking on the reins from Councillor Lizzy Bowen who has driven forward the Council’s ambitious economic agenda during its first year as a new authority.

Other proposed Cabinet appointments for the year ahead are as follows:

  • Councillor Malcolm Longley – Cabinet Member for Finance
  • Councillor Phil Larratt – Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport, Highways and Waste
  • Councillor David Smith – Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Engagement, and Regulatory Services
  • Councillor Rebecca Breese – Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Built Environment & Rural Affairs
  • Councillor Matt Golby – Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Wellbeing, and Health Integration
  • Councillor Mike Hallam – Cabinet Member for HR & Corporate Services
  • Councillor Fiona Baker – Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Education

Commenting on the arrangement changes, Leader of the Council Jonathan Nunn, said: “I would like to thank Lizzy Bowen for the immense energy, drive and enthusiasm she has given to the economic and regeneration portfolio in our first year as a new council.

"She has played an instrumental role in the excellent progress we have been making in our plans towards improving and revitalising Northampton town centre and driving investment into our other towns and wider West Northants.

"Lizzy passes over a very robust portfolio to Dan, who was previously Assistant Cabinet Member for Education, supporting Cllr Baker’s role. I’m sure Dan will do us proud in continuing Lizzy’s great work while stamping his own mark."

Councillor Lizzy Bowen said: “It has been a pleasure over the last year to work on these projects and see our plans take shape, but I’m stepping back to focus more on family and my personal life.

"I’d like to wish Dan all the best in his future role, I’ve no doubt he’ll do great things, based on the fantastic developments and exciting plans I know we have coming up."

At next week’s meeting members will also consider committee memberships for 2022/23, with the following chairs proposed:

  • Councillor Rebecca Breese – Chair, Planning Policy Committee
  • Councillor Andrew Kilbride – Chair, Alcohol and Gambling Licensing Committee & Taxi and General Licensing Committee
  • Councillor Phil Bignell – Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
  • Councillor Ian McCord – Chair, Corporate Scrutiny Committee
  • Councillor Rosie Herring – Chair, People Scrutiny Committee
  • Councillor Dermot Bambridge – Chair, Place Scrutiny Committee
  • Councillor Jonathan Nunn – Chair, Senior Appointments Committee
  • Councillor Cecile Irving-Swift – Chair, Audit and Governance Committee
  • Councillor Suresh Patel – Chair, Democracy and Standards Committee
  • Councillor Kevin Parker – Chair, Daventry Area Planning Committee
  • Councillor Jamie Lane – Chair, Northampton Area Planning Committee
  • Councillor Stephen Clarke – Chair, South Northants Area Planning Committee
  • Councillor Malcolm Longley – Chair, Pensions Committee & Investment Sub Committee

For the full list of committee memberships is available on the agenda along with reports for the Annual meeting of the Council on Thursday, 19 May.

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