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Cabinet to consider major review of garden waste collections

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02 November 2021

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Councillors will meet next week to discuss proposals to unify garden waste collections across West Northamptonshire so all residents have the same and equal service.

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) currently runs three different fortnightly collection schemes for garden waste, inherited from the old district and borough councils it replaced in April this year.

Since 2018 people living in the former Daventry area and since 2020 in the Northampton area have chosen whether or not they wish to have garden waste collections. If they do, they pay an extra, yearly fee to help fund the service. Residents in the former South Northants area however currently receive the collections at no extra charge.

At their meeting next Tuesday (9 November), members of the council’s Cabinet will consider plans to harmonise the service across all areas by introducing chargeable garden waste collections to homes in the former South Northants council from 1 April next year. Harmonisation is a requirement set by Government in establishing the new West Northamptonshire Council.

If approved, all residents across West Northants would have the option to choose whether or not to receive garden waste collections for 2022/23 by subscribing to the service for an annual charge.

At their meeting, Cabinet members will also consider plans to offer residents discounts on home composters in the run-up to 1 April next year as an alternative to signing up to the garden waste service.

It’s important that all our residents, wherever they live in West Northants, have equal and fair choices on the services we provide. There is currently great disparity in the way we’re delivering garden waste collections across the area, which is why we’re reviewing the arrangements we took on from the old councils.

Some residents really value having garden waste collections, but we also know that others don’t need or use them, so the proposal to make it an opt-in chargeable service for everyone aims to ensure that only those residents who want them end up paying for them.

Chargeable garden waste collections have already been running successfully in the Daventry and Northampton areas for a varying number of years now and residents are very familiar with how the service works, although I appreciate that extending these to cover the whole of West Northants would mean significant changes for households in the south of our area.

Should Cabinet decide to progress these proposals then we’ll make sure all residents are kept fully informed and updated on future service changes and what these mean for them.
Councillor Phil Larratt - WNC’s Portfolio Holder for Climate, Transport, Highways and Waste

Part of the proposals to be considered by Cabinet outline plans to set the annual subscription charge for all West Northants households that use the service at £42 per year for 2022/23 – the equivalent of £1.65 per collection. The proposed charge is in line with the current annual fee in Northampton and Daventry.

View the Cabinet report here

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