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Council’s commitment to tackling crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour

Community, safety and emergencies

07 June 2023

A collage of images showing West Northamptonshire Council buildings

Cllr David Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement at West Northamptonshire Council, said:

“We are saddened to hear of the recent incidents that have happened in Northamptonshire and our thoughts go out to those affected. The recent publications from the Northamptonshire Children Safeguarding Partnership (NCSP) highlight the importance and urgency of the partnership work underway in the county to help tackle these serious crimes.

“Keeping residents safe is one of the Council’s top priorities and it's important to us that people feel safe wherever they are, whether it be in their homes, businesses or out and about in their communities.

“The recently launched Community Safety Partnership Strategy details our commitment to working with 20 different organisations across the partnership, tackling crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour through a range of priorities – which includes tackling the causes of crime through prevention and early intervention and reducing incidents of serious violence, domestic abuse, sexual offences and knife crime.

“We are continuing to work closely with our schools and education and youth providers to engage with the most vulnerable and at-risk young people and identify how we can further support them.

“An example of this, is the work we have recently completed with Free2Talk in with Northampton International Academy around safety, knife crime and youth mentoring, along with our continued partnership approach to working with communities to build trust and confidence amongst our young people.

“We have recently installed a number of knife amnesty bins and bleed kits across West Northamptonshire and delivered training in partnership with knife crime charity, Off the Streets. We will continue to work with youth providers, schools, partners and charities to focus our efforts on knife and other serious crime prevention and make West Northamptonshire a safer place for all."

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