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Decision is to be made on the offers for land at Sixfields

Business, licensing and regeneration

04 March 2022

An image of the potential development site at Sixfields

Our Cabinet on Tuesday 8 March will consider the merits of two updated bids for land at Sixfields in Northampton.

The discussion was deferred from a special Cabinet meeting on Monday this week (28 February) as several issues remained to be resolved as two bidders – County Developments (Northampton) Limited (CDNL) which is owned by Northampton Town Football Club (NTFC), and a private development firm called Cildara – had submitted improved offers.

The section of land now under discussion is broadly bounded by the Sixfields Stadium to the west, Walter Tull Way to the north, Tweed Road to the east and Edgar Mobbs Way to the south. It also includes the car park adjacent to the household waste recycling centre.

Key points from the latest offers are as follows:


  • Purchase price of £2.05m
  • Does not include the running track site
  • Cildara have included in their offer to indemnify the council from any costs associated with breaking the main lease, required to free up the land for development, and the council would be obliged to co-operate with this


  • Purchase price of £2.05m
  • Includes the running track site (to be transferred NTFC for the future benefit of the club) - CDNL surrenders the running track and main site leases to the council, and the NTFC lease is reduced to cover the stadium only
  • The council will be able to buy back the running track for £1 if the East Stand is not completed to its reasonable satisfaction within five years
  • If any part of the main site land is sold within five years without having had investment to remediate it, the council will receive a proportion of the profit on that sale
  • In both cases the council would retain the freehold of the household waste recycling centre and ancillary land
“Both offers are being considered, based on extensive professional advice, and officers are recommending that we accept the offer from CDNL.

“As I’ve said previously, land and lease ownership in this area is complex and it’s really important that we factor this into our thinking.”
Cllr Malcolm Longley, Cabinet Member for Finance
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