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Director of Public Health Report 2022

17 July 2023

The Director of Public Health Report (DPHR) for West Northamptonshire (2022) is now available and showcases the outstanding work the Public Health team, in partnership with other services in the Council and community organisations has achieved over the last year to make a difference for our residents during a really challenging time.

It has been a difficult year, with such a huge increase in the cost of living which has impacted many of our residents – from the increase of food and petrol costs to household bills. It is only by coming together with partners across West Northamptonshire that we have been able to provide the support that has made a difference to residents that have needed it the most.

There are many fantastic examples of partnership initiatives and projects that have been implemented over the last 12 months that have already proven to have made a difference – from the warm welcoming spaces initiatives to the community larders for example. Within the report, there are five themes relating to the cost of living, that all have a great example of the partnership offers available within our area. These include; fuel poverty and cold homes, food insecurity, employment, income and debt advice, housing and homelessness and place-based approaches.

For this report, we have done something slightly different to really put a spotlight on the initiatives implemented. To accompany the report, we have created a short video to showcase each theme so you can hear from the many colleagues involved in the work that has happened, as well as hear from residents who have used the support available and how it has impacted them.

The videos are short so please do take the opportunity to watch them at your leisure.

View the report or view the video showcase.

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