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Encouraging nature to grow this May

Environmental health

12 April 2023

A ladybird on a blade of grass

Throughout the month of May, we will be leaving certain green areas to grow as we support No Mow May.

The national campaign encourages organisations and individuals across the country to reduce or stop mowing through May to allow space for nature to bloom.

Designated green areas across West Northants will be left to grow throughout May, encouraging biodiversity and giving nature a helping hand to bloom.

There are many benefits on our environment to reducing or stopping moving for a month, these includes:

  • Provides a vital food source for pollinators – helping our global food supply
  • Healthier lawns
  • Gives wild plants a head-start before summer
  • Encourages different types of plant life to grow
This spring, we’re encouraging residents to support no mow may and put their mowers away for a little longer to give a much-needed boost for wildlife throughout the summer.

Smaller plants such as daisies, dandelion, selfheal and clover will get a chance to flower. You can continue to mow less and at different lengths and frequencies throughout the summer to support biodiversity in the community.
Cllr Phil Larratt, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport, Highways and Waste at West Northamptonshire Council

For more information about No Mow May and how you can take part visit Plant Life’s website.

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