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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Community, safety and emergencies

15 September 2022

E II R 1926 - 2022

West Northamptonshire Council is aware that most people will wish to make arrangements to be with friends and family to watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19 September.

The council is also aware of two cinemas in the area offering tickets for people to come together and watch the event for free:

James Saunders Watson Esq, Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire and the King’s personal representative in the county, said: "Doubtless the vast majority of people will wish to stay in the comfort of their own homes or join friends and family for this solemn occasion.

"This is something we would wholeheartedly support, but those who wish to watch proceedings on a large screen have an option to do so at participating cinemas."

A two-minute silence will be held on Monday as part of the funeral arrangements.

A separate National Moment of Reflection has been organised to take place at 8pm on Sunday, 18 September which people are encouraged to mark in the way that best suits them.

The Lord-Lieutenant added: "I would request that everyone, no matter where they may be or whatever they might be doing, stops for these important moments of reflection.

"They are an opportunity for us all to consider what we most valued about our late sovereign, and to recall any treasured memories we might have."

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