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Have your say on the 2024-25 school admission arrangements

School admissions and appeals

15 November 2022

The West Northants community is being asked for its opinion on the admission arrangements for schools run by academies and trusts which are planning changes.

Every year, institutions which act as their own school admission authorities must review the process by which parents and guardians apply for places at their schools. If changes are planned, they have to first be consulted on.

On Monday, 14 November West Northants Council’s (WNC) School Admission Team opened a formal consultation on the admissions arrangements for any mainstream schools whose admission authorities have asked us to co-ordinate their consultation for them.

The consultation takes place between Monday, 14 November and Saturday, 31 December 2022.

"Trusts, foundations, academies and other governing bodies have to make sure their admission policies meet local needs and it makes sense to do that in a consistent manner using the council’s central position and well-established partnerships throughout the community."Cllr Fiona Baker, WNC’s Cabinet Member for children, families and education

Following the consultation period, admission authorities will review their proposed admission arrangements for 2024 and determine them by 28 February 2023, ensuring they are published on the schools’ websites by 15 March 2023.

To view the list of schools consulting this year and to respond to the consultation, please visit the WNC Citizenspace.

Alternatively, you can email responses to [email protected].

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