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Have your Say – West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) Launches Consultation on Budget Proposals for 2022-23


22 December 2021

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WNC’s Cabinet has approved for consultation its draft budget for 2022-23 and is now seeking views on these proposals.

The consultation commences on Wednesday, 22 December 2021 and will be open for six weeks, closing at midnight on Tuesday, 1 February 2022.

Cllr Malcolm Longley, Cabinet Member for finance said: “We deliver services and support for all, so I would encourage everyone, whether you are a resident, business, service user, local partner or voluntary group to review our proposals and let us have your feedback on them.

"This will help Councillors make a final decision on the budget at the WNC Full Council meeting on Thursday, 24 February 2022."

The budget proposals for next year are made up of £397.4m for schools and £336.4m for all other services we provide and will ensure services and standards can be maintained and it proposes no service reductions.

This is an increase of £42.2m on the current year, which will enable the council to continue improving vital services like social care, refuse collection and recycling, transport, highways, planning and wellbeing.

It will also fund pay and other inflationary costs incurred against existing contracts as well as unavoidable and one-off pressures.

These pressures are offset by £19.6m of productivity gains and additional income and technical budget adjustments of £12.8m, providing for a net budget growth of £9.8m.

The main proposals are:

  • To increase the average Council Tax by 2.99 per cent, comprising 1.99 per cent core tax and a 1 per cent adult social care precept, which is the maximum amount permitted. This would contribute around £9.77m per annum and would represent an average Band D level of Council Tax of £1,613.23 in 2022/23, or the equivalent of £31.02 per week
  • Fees and charges schedule review
  • Draft Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget 2022/23 review, including an increase of Council tenant rent of 4.1 per cent
  • Draft Capital Programme 2022/26

The budget assumes an average Council Tax increase of 2.99 per cent which is to be invested in local service provision. This would represent an average increase on a Band D property across the area of £46.84 per year or £0.90p per week.

As part of our approach, we continue our journey to harmonise council tax across West Northamptonshire by 2023-24. This means greater increases in some areas.

Through the Housing Revenue Account (HRA), £45m has been identified next year for a new-build and major projects programme with an aim to create 200 new homes per year to 2027.

Most of the rest of the HRA budget will be targeted at repairs and improvements on existing housing stock, along with disabled adaptations.

To ensure this can be achieved, rents in our rented housing will need to increase by 4.1 per cent and charges for garages by 3.1 per cent.

WNC is focussed on becoming a greener and cleaner authority, a great place in which people can live and work, and visit.

The Council aims to recover and grow the economy, playing a full role as one of the largest authorities within the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, while establishing strong and safe communities with good housing.

It aims for residents to have the best prospects and the skills to succeed and for children to have the best start in life.

Work will also continue to further the integration of adult social care and health services which is also key to the future, working towards a new way of delivering important services in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders. This makes sense as not only is there a financial efficiency but also it is much less complicated for people who want to access the services.

Cabinet will consider the final Budget for 2022-23 on Tuesday, 15 February 2022 for recommendation to the full Council meeting on 24 February 2022; subject to any changes made following consideration of the consultation feedback, the Local Government financial settlement and the latest financial position.

Follow the link below to access the WNC Draft Budget Consultation online:

This online questionnaire can also be accessed free of charge at any WNC library. Due to current restrictions, customers are asked to check the opening times of the library you wish to visit and book an appointment in advance. Please see the Library website or telephone 0300 126 7000 to check times and make a booking.

Alternatively, comments can be emailed or sent in by post using the contact details below, or by handing it in to one of the WNC libraries.

For any queries, comments or to request a copy of the consultation questionnaire in another format, (including paper, easy read or large print), please do so by email, post or telephone using the following details:

Email address:
[email protected]

0300 126 7000

Postal address:
Budget Consultation Response
West Northamptonshire Council
One Angel Square
Angel Street

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