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Help to avoid food poisoning this summer

Keeping healthy

03 July 2023

A variety of vegetables on a chopping board with a knife

No matter how safely food is prepared and cooked at home or within businesses there is still a chance that you, or those you’re preparing a cooking for, could suffer from food poisoning.

It is important to know the signs to look out for and how to act on this if needs be. More information about symptoms and onset times can be found on the NHS website.

Whilst you are unwell makes sure you stay hydrated and maintain good hygiene practices so no one else in your house becomes unwell.

You should stay off work for 48 hours after the symptoms stop to prevent any spread of the illness because you could still be infectious, this is particularly important if you work in a care setting, school/nursery or a food businesses (or for a child at school or nursery).

Other illnesses can often be mistaken for food poisoning such a norovirus because the symptoms are similar.

If you are concerned that you have got food poisoning from food purchased at or from a business in West Northamptonshire you can report this online on our report food poisoning page.

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