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Historic proclamation of the accession of King Charles III

Councillors and democracy

09 September 2022

King Charles III

Hundreds of people gathered outside All Saints Church in Northampton on Sunday 11 September for an historic ceremony, when The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, Crispin Holborow DL, formally proclaimed the beginning of King Charles III's reign to the people of Northamptonshire.

Watch a video of the Proclamation of the Sovereign by the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire

The High Sheriff read the Accession Proclamation at the ceremony, which began at 12:45pm, with the proclamation being made at 1pm.

Everyone from across Northamptonshire was invited along to witness this historic event, and town centre road closures took place to ensure the safety of anyone who did so.

Then from 2:30pm onwards, Mayors read the same proclamation in their respective towns across Northamptonshire.

The Proclamation is Northamptonshire’s formal declaration of our new King’s accession to the Crown, at his approval and an historic event dating back centuries that has not taken place for 70 years.

This is an opportunity to be part of our nation’s rich history and I would encourage everyone to join us for the ceremony.
James Saunders Watson Esq, Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire and the King’s personal representative in the county
It is an enormous privilege to have been selected for the position of High Sheriff of Northamptonshire and to have the duty of reading such a historic proclamation.High Sherriff of Northamptonshire, Crispin Holborow DL, personally appointed in the county by the Crown for matters of law, order and justice

The proclamations in our county followed national proclamations that were read out in London on Saturday. Proclamations were also read out in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland at midday on Sunday.

BBC footage of televised proclamation ceremony

In recognition of the new Sovereign, flags were flown at full mast from the time of the principal proclamation at midday on Saturday 10 September, until the local proclamations took place at 1pm on Sunday 11 September, when they returned to half-mast as The Queen’s mourning period continued.

Local proclamations

Local proclamations took place at

  • 13:00 County Proclamation - All Saints Church, Northampton
  • 14:30 Guildhall, Northampton
  • 14:30 Far Cotton/Delapre
  • 16:00 Brackley, the Proclamation will be read at Town and Parish level on the Piazza
  • 16:00 Billing Parish Council
  • 18:00 Towcester Town Council steps of Town Hall building
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