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More Northampton fly-tippers ordered to pay total of £4,560

Community, safety and emergencies

16 December 2022

A collage of images showing refuse backs and other waste dumped on Northampton streets.

The clamp down on fly-tippers in Northampton continues after four more are ordered by Magistrates to pay for dumping their waste on the street.

On Thursday 30 June 2022, West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) Neighbourhood Wardens discovered a large amount of waste piled around the street bin at the corner for Bailiff Street and Lorne Road (bottom right) which was found to belong to 20-year-old Heber Luwawu of Bailiff Street.

On Tuesday 12 July WNC Wardens found bags of rubbish on Hampton Street which 20-year-old Charlotte Smith had put out two days before the refuse collection for that area (top right).

On Tuesday 26 July 2022 Wardens found rubbish bags dumped on Naseby Street two days before collection which belonged to 37-year-old Michelle Harris (top middle)

They were all given the option of paying a £150 fixed penalty fine (FPN) to resolve the matter which they ignored.

All three failed to appeared at Wellingborough Magistrates on Tuesday 6 December when summonsed and in their absence, each was fined £300, ordered to pay £1,000 costs and a £120 victim surcharge.

In a fourth case, on 15 August wardens found rubbish bags dumped on Naseby Street three days before collection.

31-year-old Daniela Muresan of Naseby Street challenged a £150 FPN but appeared in court on 6 December and pleaded guilty to putting her waste out on Naseby Street four days before the refuse collection for that area. She was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 costs (left).

“People placing bags out early can be a terrible nuisance especially if they are ripped open by animals “

“And I’m very glad to see we’ve caught someone dumping waste around the street litter bin like they believe it will be magically gobbled up somehow. I’m fed up with seeing it, and it is hugely disrespectful of neighbours who have to look at it and the workers who have to clean it up.”
Cllr David Smith, Cabinet Member for regulatory services, community safety and engagement

This month WNC launched its Fly-tipping Charter setting out how the council will work to tackle environmental crime.

It outlines the Council’s commitment to working with local communities to reduce fly-tipping, backed by a robust enforcement policy to discourage and prosecute offenders.

The Charter includes a detailed plan of action including targeted patrols, the use of CCTV, and working with residents, businesses, and town and parish councils to avoid fly-tipping and gather intelligence to prosecute.

It also sets out how the Council will communicate with businesses, landlords and householders to ensure they are clear on their responsibilities towards managing their waste responsibly.

The new Fly-Tipping Charter complements the existing Litter Charter, which was launched last summer to ensure the Council takes a coordinated approach to tackling litter across West Northants.

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