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Multiply funding to help with numeracy

Business, licensing and regeneration

20 September 2022

The Government has confirmed that West Northamptonshire will receive almost £575k in the 2022-23 financial year to help improve adult numeracy in the area.

This is the first tranche of funding approved from a £1.9m bid submitted by West Northamptonshire Council to the Government’s Multiply Fund.

The fund will be allocated over a three-year period and could benefit more than 3,000 people in the area during that time.

A wide range of schemes are proposed including:

  • Helping those who have low skills and are unemployed
  • Improving career chances by helping people boost their numeracy in the workplace
  • Bite-sized maths workshops for families
  • Working with the self-employed to ensure they have skills to run their businesses
  • Short courses to help people with household budgeting
  • Bridging the gap to GCSE for those who don’t have the qualification
  • Online learning platforms
  • Helping parents who wish to support their children with numeracy
  • Taking the programme to audiences, particularly in rural areas
  • Supporting ex-offenders through the Probation Service
  • Development of numeracy champions
  • Supporting care experienced young people to access education, employment and training

Primary aims of the scheme will be improved life chances, access to better career options and greater personal wellbeing.

Cllr Dan Lister, Cabinet Member for economic development, town centre regeneration, and growth said: “It’s all too easy to underestimate the impact poor numeracy can have on people’s opportunities.

"Right from managing our household finances, through to more challenging tasks that might crop up at work, we all need some degree of maths skills.

"We understand that for many people, handling numbers is daunting and can cause great anxiety, so we’re keen to put different options in place that cover a range of needs.

"Whether someone simply wants to manage their bills more effectively, wants a better chance of finding work, or would like to take that next step in their career and are held back by lack of numeracy skills, we want to help."

Following the year-one allocation, the council can now begin to devise solutions which are not already offered through existing adult education, with a view to launching them next year.

The matter will be considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 23 September and full details will be available on the council’s website closer to that date.

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