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New strategy to improve housing for residents across West Northants

11 October 2022

Councillors have approved a fresh strategy for improving housing for residents across West Northamptonshire whilst tackling issues including homelessness and the cost-of-living crisis.

At the meeting on Friday, 23 September members of the Council’s Cabinet agreed to progress proposals for the new strategy which sets out plans for the next three years and supports the Council’s vision to make West Northamptonshire a great place to live, work, visit and thrive.

The strategy focuses on four themes which plan to tackle a number of key issues including a need for more affordable housing, reducing homelessness, addressing cost of living increases and recognising a need for more housing to meet the needs of our growing aging population.

The themes set out in the strategy are:

  • Deliver homes people need and can afford
  • Improve the quality, standard and safety of homes and housing services
  • Support residents to live healthy, safe, independent and active lives
  • Support thriving and sustainable communities

The strategy was developed following a public consultation earlier this year involving local community members, voluntary and charitable organisations and wider stakeholders, with overall feedback presenting strong support for the themes and priorities.

West Northamptonshire is a growing area, with a population of 425,700 (2021 Census) residents, it is anticipated that the population will grow by 7% up to 2030, and the number of households is set to grow by 12% by 2030.

Within that, the population aged 65 year and over is expected to grow by 9% which represents 76% of total population growth.

Cllr Adam Brown, West Northamptonshire Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Culture and Leisure, said:

“Housing is a crucial component of wellbeing - good quality housing provides a sound platform to build a good quality of life.

“It is vital that we have ambitious plans to create homes people need alongside a thriving economy to ensure we meet the housing needs and demands of existing and future residents and achieve the best outcomes for our area.

“This strategy sets out to tackle big issues like affordability, health, the supply of new homes and the environment - these are not easy things to solve, but we can make a real contribution to improve outcomes for many people by taking the right steps now.”

The full Housing Strategy can be viewed on the WNC website.

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