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New video aiming to help residents recycle

Bins, recycling and waste

26 April 2023

Recycling Education Officer David

Residents across West Northamptonshire do a fantastic job to recycle, with about half of all household waste being recycled each year.

To help ensure that the right stuff, goes in the right bin – we have created a series of videos to help reduce contamination and improve these recycling rates.

Have you ever opened something at home, but not known what to do with the packaging? Or perhaps you’re a bit of a wish-cycler – putting things in your recycling bin in the hope they can be recycled? 

We all try to do the right thing, but if too much of the wrong stuff goes in the recycling bin, it causes contamination.

Too much contamination in our recycling bins can lead to entire lorry loads being spoiled and disposed of with general waste instead of being recycled into new products.

To help you identify what to put where, please watch our video:

Contamination video

You can also download the ‘West Northants’ app for your Android or Apple mobile device and search our handy guide, or visit our Right Stuff, Right Bin web page

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