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Partners are coming together this Hate Crime Awareness Week

Community, safety and emergencies

07 October 2021

What is hate crime poster

West Northamptonshire Council and partners are coming together this October to raise awareness of hate crime via a programme of activities marking the national hate crime awareness week.

Taking place from 9 to 16 October the campaign aims to reinforce the message embodied by the slogan “Safe Place For All” and educate residents about the different types of hate crime, empower communities affected by hate crime and encourage the reporting of such incidents, whether it's just one isolated instance or repeated harassment by the same person or group of people. That safe place is our end goal, a place where we can all live in peace together, a place where there is no room for hate and prejudice.

Partnership engagement events will be held in the Market on Daventry High Street on 12 October and in the Northampton Market Square on 14 October between 11am and 1pm offering to residents the opportunity to speak about hate crime with partners such as Northamptonshire Police, and Northampton Partnership Homes.

We’re proud to stand together with our partners to support the Hate Crime Awareness week

“We dream of a society which is free from hate, harassment and discrimination, where all people are valued for their unique identity. This awareness week reminds us how far we’ve come but can also inspires us to continue progressing towards a community where residents feel safe, included and accepted reminding us of the importance of reporting hate crimes.

“When you report hate crimes, you are making a bigger difference than you may think, it helps you get support and it helps us make your local area safer.

“If you tell us what is happening, different agencies (such as the police, local authority, charities and housing providers) can take action against the perpetrator and support victims and witnesses.
Councillor David Smith, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Engagement, and Regulatory Services on West Northamptonshire Council
We are proud to work with our partners across Northampton this Hate Crime Awareness Week and all year round. Everyone should feel safe to be who they are, and our specially trained team are here to support NPH residents who experience hate crime. If you report hate crime to us, we will take steps to keep you safe and work with partner agencies to stop this from happening again to you or to someone else. We will take your report seriously and always keep your information confidential.Nicky McKenzie, assistant director for housing at Northampton Partnership Homes

People can also #SpreadLoveNotHate and show their support during this hate crime awareness week by sharing their support messages on social media using the hashtag #WeStandTogether.

To report a hate crime online, please visit hatecrime or ring Northamptonshire Police on 101 or 999 if it is a live incident.

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