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Partners come together to create a bright future for Northampton

Business, licensing and regeneration

07 December 2022

Speaker stands silhouetted against a cinema screen during the Northampton Forward Event on Monday, 5 December 2022.

Representatives from key industries came together to hear about exciting plans for the future of Northampton on Monday, 5 December at the Filmhouse.

Key representatives from Northampton chat over popcorn during the event which showcased regeneration of the town centre.

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) is pleased to be working with partners across the county to deliver regeneration projects in Northampton which will transform the town and provide improved services and leisure facilities for residents.

Those attending Monday’s event had the opportunity to hear first-hand about the projects beginning in 2023, including Market Square, opening of Vulcan Works in February and the improvements to the public realm within the town centre.

Attendees received an update on the work of Northampton Museum and Arts Gallery, including an announcement that the museum has regained full Arts Council accreditation.

“Northampton has changed rapidly in recent years.

"To ensure that it remains a vibrant town, rich with heritage and culture, we are committed to embracing this to ensure that we contribute towards an even stronger and more exciting future.

"As a Council, we are transforming the heart of the town and building a new community around the strong cultural foundation which has emerged.

"New leisure opportunities and improved connectivity are key components in developing a re-energised town centre which works for everyone.

"This event provided an opportunity to showcase some of our key projects, which will start in the new year.

"We look forward to working with partners, residents and our communities to reshape our town for the future."
Cllr Daniel Lister, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Town Centre Regeneration and Growth at WNC.

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