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Pilot sees those at risk of blood borne illnesses offered free testing

Health protection

10 February 2023

A woman having a blood pressure check

West Northamptonshire Council Public Health is working together with a number of other organisations and providers, as part of an ongoing multi-agency partnership to improve the early identification and intervention of liver infections amongst people in Northamptonshire.

The partnership, which includes Regent Pharmacy located in Northampton, Hepatitis C Trust, Hepatitis C Network, Change Grow Live, Northampton General Hospital and West Northamptonshire Public Health, offered people in Northampton at risk of blood borne illnesses free testing and health checks as part of a pilot project.

By getting tested, people who are at risk can be prescribed treatment sooner and receive information about how to look after their liver before more serious long-term conditions develop.

As part of the pilot, service users at high risk of contracting Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and HIV, were offered a testing service, along with blood pressure and BMI checks, at the Regent Pharmacy in Northampton.

The partnership is looking to schedule further testing and health check opportunities across Northamptonshire in the future.

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