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Pre-election period starts ahead of General Election

Electoral services

03 June 2024

Voting at a polling station

The pre-election period for the General Election on Thursday 4 July starts today (Tuesday 4 June).

This is the period of heightened sensitivity in the run-up to polling day when specific restrictions are in place for the Council’s publicity and use of resources. 

During this time, we might remove comments made on our social media channels that show support to a particular political party or candidate. We may also restrict comments on certain posts if we believe the subject matter could spark political debate.

Find out more about the pre-election period and the effect it has on our communications activity

West Northamptonshire Council will be administering the election for the Parliamentary Constituencies of Daventry, South Northamptonshire, Northampton North, and Northampton South, with voters in each constituency electing a Member of Parliament (MP).

Find information about voting in the election, including the deadlines for registering to vote or arranging a postal vote, and the Voter ID requirements on our General Election checklist


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