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Public hearings on major planning policy for Northampton about to get underway

Planning policy

11 November 2021

Northampton Local Plan Part 2 Collage

A public hearing on a major policy document that will affect all planning decisions in Northampton is set to start next week.

The hearing is the penultimate stage in the development of the Northampton Local Plan Part 2, which allocates land for development, areas to be protected from development and the policies used to determine planning applications in those areas.

Planning inspectors have already laid out areas of the draft plan which they believe require further discussion and during the hearing they will listen to statements from a range of interested parties.

While members of the public are welcome to observe, capacity will be limited due to Covid safety measures and only those who have taken part in previous stages of the Local Plan Part 2 and who have registered to speak, may do so.

The hearing will however be livestreamed via the WNC Youtube channel.  Anyone wishing to attend the Guildhall in person will be able to view the hearings livestreamed in the Holding Room.

Hearing Sessions will commence at 9:30am on Tuesday, 16 November 2021 at Northampton Guildhall, St Giles’ Square, Northampton, NN1 1DE.

Following the hearing, the Planning Inspector will consider the statements made during the Public Examination and deliver his findings in due course.

Those findings could call for modifications to the plan, after which the final draft will be presented to Cabinet, then the full Council for final adoption.

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