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Residents across West Northamptonshire asked to say ‘I do’ to online wedding ceremony bookings service

13 October 2022

Wedding rings

An online one-stop booking service for civil wedding ceremonies is now available to residents across West Northamptonshire.

The facility, developed by both West and North Northamptonshire Councils, will mean that marriage ceremonies, civil partnerships, and marriage registrations can be booked online via the easy-to-use weblink.

The new streamlined system is simple and seamless and removes the need for manual cross checking and communication between council staff and customers, which can take considerable time. The online booking service is instant.

Customers will need to register an account which will require an email address and a password of choice. They will then be able to check available ceremony dates and instantly book a time that suits. If they choose to, they can also submit their bespoke wedding vows, music and readings of choice and requests for any specific requirements.

“Like many face to face services in recent years, the Registration Service and the arrangements for weddings have been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This change to the service will make it easier for everyone to book or change wedding arrangements. It will also cut down significantly the time taken to book a wedding and help those who want to do so out of working hours.

"We provide for the needs of all at the council and rest assured, a service will still be offered to those who do not have access to digital devices.”
Cllr Mike Hallam, Cabinet Member for HR and Corporate Services at West Northamptonshire Council

To access the service and register an account please see West Northamptonshire Registration Services.

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