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Residents urged to complete canvass forms ahead of door knocking

Electoral services

22 October 2021

The annual canvass is in progress

Residents who have not completed their annual canvass form are being reminded to do so to avoid a visit from one of West Northamptonshire Council’s canvassers.

In August this year forms were sent to every household in West Northants as part of the annual individual voter registration canvass.

Not every household was required to respond, but those that were required to and have not yet done so should expect a visit from one of our canvassers.

The canvassers will carry identification and will ask a series of simple questions in order to allow them to complete registration on the doorstep.

However people are encouraged to avoid a visit by completing their forms themselves if possible.

Those who do not need to make any changes to the information on the form that was sent to them can confirm their existing registration by using one of the following options:

  • Visit Household Response and log on using the security code supplied on their letter
  • Call 0800 197 9871 and supply the security code from their letter (mobile providers may charge for this service)
  • Text NOCHANGE followed by the security code on their letter to 80212 (mobile providers may charge for this service)

Those who do have to make changes or add anyone onto the register can do so by either visiting Household Response or completing the inside of the form provided and sending it back in the business reply envelope.

Residents who have misplaced their electoral registration forms can obtain their security code by contacting their local elections office on 0300 126 7000.

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