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Town's pride continues to shine despite city bid announcement

Culture and tourism

20 May 2022

Northampton skyline

Northampton will always be a city at heart despite losing out in the recent Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours competition, say civic leaders.

Although the town has today learnt it has not been successful in its bid for city status, exciting and ambitious plans to improve Northampton will continue to gather pace. 

The town’s bid faced tough competition from nearly 40 other locations, including Milton Keynes, Colchester, Doncaster, Dunfermline, Bangor, the Falkland Island's Stanley and Douglas in the Isle of Man, which were today announced as the successful bidders.

Obviously the news that we have not been awarded city status will come as a great disappointment to the people of Northampton and everyone who supported and worked on our bid, however we remain extremely proud of our town and the bright future we have ahead of us. We will always be a city at heart. 

Our bid was a celebration of everything Northampton has to be proud of – our amazing people, our heritage, culture and communities – as well as raising the wider profile of West Northamptonshire and bringing residents closer together after the challenges of the pandemic and during our first year as a new authority. 

We would like to thank everyone who helped and supported us throughout this process, as your views, thoughts and opinions helped us to form our tribute to our beloved town. A special mention goes to the late Mike Ingram, whose expert historical knowledge of our town was insightful, and invaluable. Thanks also to all residents who sent in beautiful photos that helped us to encapsulate in our bid what we love about Northampton, and those who took part in videos demonstrating our fantastic town.

 I would like to offer my congratulations to Milton Keynes, Colchester, Doncaster, Dunfermline, Stanley, Bangor and Douglas that have been granted this prestigious title and wish them well in their new status.”
Councillor Jonathan Nunn Leader of West Northamptonshire Council
Today’s news is of course disappointing but doesn’t detract from all the great things about Northampton and its rich history. We are immensely proud of Northampton and will continue be so, whatever status it holds.Councillor Gareth Eales, of West Northamptonshire Council’s Labour Group
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