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Visitors to Northants’ protected areas urged to complete survey

Planning policy

22 November 2022

Three people walking away from the camera towards the wintery, sunlit habitats of the Nene Valley Gravel Pits Special Protection Area.

People who visit the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits Special Protection Area are being asked to complete a survey to understand their impact on wildlife habitats.

The survey is being undertaken by Footprint Ecology on behalf of West Northants Council (WNC) and North Northants Councils, Bedford Borough Council and the Beds, Cambs and Northants Wildlife Trust.

"I’d argue Northamptonshire is one of the best places in the UK for a countryside walk.

"And we’re lucky enough to have some diverse habitats right on the doorstep of our major urban centres which provide a great place to stay healthy and to remain in touch with nature.

"It’s also true there has been a huge change in the way we live our lives and as more people make the most of these areas, we need to understand the impact on these habitats."
Cllr Rebecca Breese, WNC’s Cabinet Member for strategic planning, built environment and rural affairs.

The Upper Nene Valley refers to the specific washlands and lakes either side of the River Nene between Northampton and Thrapston in Northamptonshire.

Anyone who uses the valley to walk, run, cycle, fish, birdwatch, row or indeed undertake any other activity, is asked to complete the survey.

The survey will be open until the end of December 2022 and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

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