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West Northamptonshire Council to mark Stephen Lawrence Day

19 April 2022

Stephen Lawrence

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) will be marking Stephen Lawrence Day on Friday, 22 April to commemorate the life of the 18-year-old who was killed in an unprovoked racist attack almost 30 years ago.

The event will take place at the Guildhall, Northampton, from 12-1pm and will be attended by local organisations and community representatives.

The ceremony will begin with an introduction from WNC’S Assistant Cabinet Member for Communities, Councillor Anna King, followed by speeches from various speakers including Northamptonshire Police’s Superintendent Richard Tompkins.

The event will conclude with a poem played through a speaker for everyone to hear with a printed version available for people to take home with them for reflection, and the lighting of a candle.

A yellow rose will also be offered to everyone in attendance to acknowledge Stephen’s Jamaican heritage.

Councillor Anna King, WNC’s Assistant Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The story of Stephen Lawrence is a deeply tragic one and I hope that people will join us in observing this day and reflecting upon Stephen’s legacy.

“I am pleased that West Northamptonshire Council has chosen to recognise this event and build a foundation to commemorate the life of Stephen, and continue to pave the way for a greater understanding of discrimination, equality and cultural change across West Northamptonshire.”

Northamptonshire Police’s Superintendent Richard Tompkins, said: “The loss of Stephen Lawrence and the subsequent findings of the MacPherson enquiry was a wake-up call to police forces across the country and indeed to the country as a whole.

“In supporting Stephen Lawrence Day, Northamptonshire Police continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to ensure fair and unbiased policing is at the core of everything we do.

“We welcome people from all cultures and faiths into our force, so that we can meet the aim of representing all of the communities we serve in our wonderfully diverse county.”

Social media users can help spread awareness about Stephen Lawrence Day by using the hashtags: #SLDay22 #BecauseOfStephen #ALegacyOfChange.

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