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West Northamptonshire Council sets out to tackle environmental crime

Street cleansing

05 December 2022

Collage or images showing fly-tips across West Northants

A fly-tipping charter has been launched setting out how West Northamptonshire Council will work to tackle environmental crime.

It outlines the Council’s commitment to working with local communities to reduce fly-tipping, backed by a robust enforcement policy to discourage and prosecute offenders.

The Charter includes a detailed plan of action, demonstrating the steps that are being taken to tackle the issue, including targeted patrols, the use of CCTV, and working with residents, businesses, and town and parish councils to avoid fly-tipping and gather intelligence to prosecute.

It also sets out how the Council will communicate with businesses, landlords and householders to ensure they are clear on their responsibilities towards managing their waste responsibly.

The new Fly-Tipping Charter complements the existing Litter Charter, which was launched last summer to ensure the Council takes a coordinated approach to tackling litter across West Northants.

"Fly-tipping and other environmental crimes are absolutely unacceptable and impact every one of us in our communities.

"They spoil our streets, parks and open spaces, create an environmental hazard, and the clean-up costs and work involved to remove waste places a significant financial burden both on our council and on private landowners.

"We are absolutely committed to tackling fly-tipping across West Northamptonshire and creating a cleaner environment for everyone, and our new fly-tipping charter sets out how we will do that.

"We will work with communities and our partners to educate people about the detrimental effect of fly-tipping, while we also target resources effectively in order to catch and punish offenders in line with our enforcement policy.

"By working together we can reduce waste on our streets and create cleaner communities."
Cllr David Smith, Cabinet Member for regulatory services, community safety and engagement
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