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West Northamptonshire Council signs the Northampton Sustainability Accord

19 July 2023

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) reinforces its commitment to sustainability by signing the Northampton Sustainability Accord.

The Accord, unveiled following the University of Northampton Sustainability Summit held in May, brings together a range of stakeholders including local and national businesses, governmental organisations, and third-sector businesses in a collaborative effort to transition towards more sustainable practices.

The Northampton Sustainability Accord recognises the significance of collective action in addressing shared sustainability challenges. It aims to establish a framework for collaboration among stakeholders to achieve mutually agreed sustainability goals.

West Northamptonshire Council is committed to achieving Net Zero for its own emissions by 2030 and Net Zero West Northants emissions by 2045, and the Northampton Sustainability Accord reflects our deep and shared commitment to sustainability, as well as our dedication to the work we need to do together to address our shared sustainability challenges.

Like many other organisations across the country, we are aware of our climate impact and are dedicated to changing our relationship with the environment to make a difference today, and for future generations. 

Sustainability goes beyond climate change, and the environment, it encompasses all forms of development and activity, and therefore to be truly sustainable we must look at how we are developing socially, economically, and environmentally. These cannot be looked at in isolation and must be considered as an interconnected whole and the Northampton Sustainability Accord along with the Sustainability Local Innovation and Partnership Agenda Hub represent a huge step forward as we all come together to make a change with both large and small steps in the right direction.
Councillor Jonathan Nunn, Leader of West Northamptonshire Council

All signatories share a common ambition to integrate sustainability principles into their operations, practices, and decision-making processes, acknowledging the urgent need to minimize environmental impacts, promote social responsibility, and drive economic prosperity through sustainable practices.

In becoming a signatory organisation to the Northampton Sustainability Accord, West Northamptonshire Council has not only made a further commitment to a greener future but has also taken a bold step towards becoming a catalyst for positive change. 

As a University, we are proud of the leadership we have exercised in working in partnership with WNC and others to mobilise the stakeholder community to agree the Northampton Sustainability Accord and take more robust action for sustainability. The Council’s dedication to sustainability sets an inspiring example for others to follow, showing that together, we can build a world that is environmentally responsible and socially conscious.
Dr Ebenezer Laryea, Associate Professor & Chair for the UON Sustainability Summit

The council remains dedicated to pursuing innovative solutions and working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve its sustainability goals. There are three key Sustainability

Pledges which outline WNC’s primary commitments, which are to:

  • Net Zero the Council’s own emissions by 2030 and those of residents and businesses by 2045
  • Take a community leadership role for Sustainability in West Northants
  • Ensure all Council strategies and policies are aligned to and contribute to the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Make your sustainability pledge, and find out more on our Sustainable West Northants page.

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