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West Northamptonshire Public Health team urge residents to receive the Pneumococcal vaccine

01 June 2023

West Northamptonshire Council Public Health team are encouraging residents to receive the Pneumococcal vaccine, following recent data showing a low uptake from those who are eligible.

Pneumococcal infection is caused by a bacteria, which can spread from person to person through breathing in droplets from coughs and sneezes. For some individuals this can cause life threatening illnesses such as pneumonia, septicaemia, meningitis and which can be fatal.

The Pneumococcal vaccine helps to protect against serious and potentially fatal conditions mentioned above, therefore is important for those at higher risk of serious illness take up the free vaccination. Those who are eligible include babies, people aged 65 or over and aged 2 to 64 with a long-term health condition.

“Across West Northamptonshire, we have estimated that around 33% of our eligible residents are unvaccinated and are at risk of being seriously ill. We strongly advise those who are eligible for the vaccine to take the opportunity to get the jab and keep themselves protected from the complications of pneumococcal infection.”
Dr Annapurna Sen, Health Protection Consultant for West Northamptonshire Council

Please contact your local pharmacy or GP to find out more or to book an appointment.

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