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Parking waiver or dispensation

In certain circumstances West Northamptonshire Council will consider the issue of a parking waiver or dispensation which gives exemptions from certain parking restrictions. This would allow a vehicle to park lawfully in what would otherwise be a contravention of a Traffic Regulation Order.

Waivers can be issued to any individual or company who needs constant access to their vehicle which must be considered to be an integral part of the works being carried out, and whose work demands that they park close to the premises.

We rarely issue waivers or dispensations to private motor vehicles.

How to apply

Charges now apply for all requests and applications should be made online. Payment will be taken via debit or credit card.

Applicants will need to set up an account and will be able to manage, update and pay for your waiver requests in advance.

You will need to provide specific details at application stage such as:

  • specific reason for the parking waiver
  • specific location required
  • registration number of vehicle
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • date from and to the waiver is required
  • time the waiver will be used
  • any other relevant information that may support your application


  • First day - £15 (per 5 metre space)
  • Additional consecutive days (up to 3 additional days) £10 (per 5 metre space)
  • Full week - £50 (per 5 metre space)

The maximum time per application is 2 weeks. If a longer time period is required then subsequent new applications are required and are at the discretion of WNC or its contractor NSL.

Where waivers can be used

A waiver allows a vehicle to park on single yellow lines, providing that a no loading restriction is in force. The vehicle can also park in permit holders only bays, on-street pay and display bays, or in time limited waiting bays.

It is not usual to be granted permission to park on double yellow lines or in bays designated for specific vehicle classes, such as disabled bays or loading bays.

There is a limit of 2 vehicles per location unless there is an emergency and at the discretion of Parking Services. This is further limited to 1 vehicle per location within town centres.

Further information

Once a waiver has been issued, the following general rules also apply:

  • The waiver is only valid as shown
  • The vehicle must be moved on the instructions of a Police Officer, Traffic Warden or Civil Enforcement Officer
  • No goods are to be deposited on the footpath
  • Should more than 1 vehicle be working on site, you now have the option of registering up to 5 vehicles for a weekly waiver only. It remains your responsibility to assign the relevant vehicle to the parking waiver in advance of leaving the vehicle parked. However, if more than 1 vehicle will be on site at the same time then you will need to apply for separate waivers / dispensations
  • A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if a Civil Enforcement Officer believes that the individual or company are abusing the rules under which the waiver/dispensation was issued

Please note: a waiver can be revoked at any time by the Council if misuse of the waiver is suspected or any other reason deemed fit by the Authority.

Last updated 12 June 2024