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Modern slavery and human trafficking

Modern Slavery is defined as the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men through the use of force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation. 

It is a crime under the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Offences include holding a person in a position of slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, or facilitating their travel with the intention of exploiting them soon after.

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 places a requirement on all “commercial organisations” with a turn-over in excess of £36 million per annum, to publish an annual Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement to confirm what they have done in the year to address the risks to human rights in their supply chains. This statement confirms our actions to ensure there is no slavery or human trafficking in our own business and/or our supply chains for the financial year 2021 - 2022. 

As an organisation, we are responsible for the provision of a wide range of statutory and discretionary services for our residents, businesses, visitors and partners. We manage a wide range of services which are delivered either directly or through the use of external contractors.

We are committed to preventing and taking action against identified slavery and human trafficking in our corporate activities, our supply chains and the wider community. Commercial Organisations wishing to do business with us can find more information on this and fill out a supplier assessment tool through the link below.

The Modern Slavery Statement 2021-22 was approved by West Northamptonshire Executive Leadership Board on 23 August 2021. This statement covers the activities undertaken by us to ensure that these are free from slavery and human trafficking.

Last updated 20 December 2023