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Recycling bin or boxes

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How to recycle

  • Empty and rinse items to remove any food residue before recycling
  • Do not use any type of plastic bag or bin liners. Place the items loose in the bin or box
  • Do not stack items of different materials inside each other for example plastic yogurt pots inside a cardboard cereal packet

We do not accept any of the following in the recycling bin:

  • food
  • garden waste
  • textiles
  • batteries, vapes or electricals

These are collected separately. Do not put single use vapes in any bin. These need to be returned to the place of purchase or taken to your local HWRC.

Paper and card

You can put in:

  • newspaper, magazines and paper (including shredded paper)
  • food and drink cartons 
  • all cardboard and flattened boxes
  • non-metallic wrapping paper
  • envelopes (including windows), junk mail, leaflets and flyers
  • telephone directories, catalogues and books
  • clean paper bags
  • books
  • Kitchen and toilet roll cardboard tubes, tissue boxes

Do not put in:

  • nappies
  • kitchen roll and tissue paper
  • glittery cards and wrapping paper/metallic wrapping paper
  • envelopes with plastic padding (Jiffy bags)
  • greaseproof paper
  • wallpaper
  • oils and liquids
  • wood


You can put in:

  • plastic bottles with lids
  • other plastic tubs, trays, punnets and pots (such as yoghurt, pots, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs)

Do not put in:

  • Carrier bags, bread bags, heavy duty plastic bags/bin liners of any kind
  • soft plastics such as bags containing frozen foods e.g. peas and chips, sandwich bags, cling film or bubblewrap
  • tear off cellophane lids. Please remove and dispose of these and recycle the container e.g. throw away the lids on yogurt, cream pots, oven/microwave ready foods and food trays i.e. sliced meat containers
  • plastic plant pots
  • plastic toys
  • plastic film/cellophane wrapping, Sweet/biscuit wrappers
  • crisp packets
  • polystyrene
  • nappies
  • thick or hard plastics such as washing up bowls
  • empty paint tins - take paint and paint tins to your local HWRC
  • barrels or kegs
  • metallic wrapping paper
  • cosmetic products (such as cotton buds and face wipes) are not recyclable and cannot be flushed down the toilet
  • CD's/DVD's and cases

Cans, foil and aerosols

You can put in:

  • all foil, foil cases and foil wrappers. Please wash off food and collect into the size of a tennis ball to aid recycling
  • food and drink cans
  • empty aerosols and lids
  • crushed large tins (e.g. sweet and biscuit tins)

Do not put in:


You can put in:

  • all glass bottles and jars
  • spectacles/glasses
  • broken glass wrapped in paper
  • perfume/ aftershave glass bottles

Do not put in:

All the below can be taken to your local HWRC

  • window glass
  • pyrex glass
  • light bulbs
  • drinking glasses
  • crockery and ceramics
  • mirrors
  • tiles

Last updated 24 April 2023