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Electric car chargers

To help residents with on-street parking make the switch to electric vehicles, the Virgin Media Park and Charge project has installed on-street charging sockets across Northampton.

Using existing Virgin Media street cabinets and ducts, on-street electric vehicle charging points have been installed by Liberty Charge and entirely funded by Innovate UK:

  • St. James Park Road, NN5 5EL
  • Upper Thrift Street, NN1 5HR
  • Ardington Road, NN1 5NE
  • Barry Road, NN1 5HU
  • Oakwood Road, NN1 4SX
  • Semilong Road, NN2 6BU
  • Vicarage Road, NN5 7AX

Each site has two charging points, capable of charging two cars each, totalling four bays. Two bays are designated 'electric vehicles only' via a Traffic Regulation Order, but the remaining bays can also be designated at a later stage.

Each charging point is rated at 22kW/h - if two cars are charging from the same charge point, then they will each receive 11kW/h.

We want to hear from our residents on where charge points should be provided in the future, particularly on-street locations.

Existing charge points can be found on Zap Map.

Last updated 12 September 2022