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Business food waste collections

Items we accept

We accept:

  • meat and bones
  • fruit and vegetables
  • dairy
  • eggs and eggshells
  • tea and coffee grounds
  • bread and pastries
  • fish

Items we don't accept

We don't accept:

  • black sacks
  • plastic bin bags or liners
  • plastic packaging
  • cooking oil

Bin sizes and price per lift

Bin size and sacks heldPrice per liftYear Weekly
140 Litre bin (2-3 sacks)£5.00£260.00
23 litre bin£2.00£104.00

How we recycle your food waste

We use a process called Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

This process uses microorganisms to break down the food waste in an enclosed system, The absence of oxygen helps to break down the food waste.

The result is methane coming off which is collected and converted into biogas. Biogas is used to generate electricity or heat. The AD process also creates a nutrient-rich material which is used as a fertiliser for land regeneration.

Last updated 03 June 2024