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Apply for Universal Credit and Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is financial help towards paying your rent. Most new benefit claimants of working age will have to claim their Housing Benefit via Universal Credit and claim Council Tax Support via the Council.

Over the coming years existing working age claimants will be switched to Universal Credit.

There are some exceptions to claiming Universal Credit to help with your rent.

If you are a working age person you can claim Housing Benefit from the council only if you are living in Specified or Temporary Accommodation (you would still claim Universal Credit but you get Housing Benefit from the council instead of Universal Credit housing cost).

If you're mixed-age couple (one working age and one pensioner), you will need to claim Universal Credit.

If you're a single pensioner, or two pensioners in a couple, you are not impacted by Universal Credit at this stage and can claim Housing Benefit via the council.

Apply for Universal Credit. Find out about other benefits the Government provides.

Apply for Housing benefit

Last updated 19 December 2023