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Cost of living support video

We are kindly asking local community groups, representatives and organisations to help us raise awareness and direct residents towards the help available in our Cost of Living Support Hub by filming a short video and sharing this with your networks, distribution lists and on social media.

We have prepared a short script to help, or if you would rather use your own words to communicate the message - this is fine. If you are fluent in another language, we would also be grateful if you could film a version in this language to help share the message with speakers of other languages. 

Filming a video may seem daunting for some, but it can be done quickly and easily on your smartphone. We’ve put together some tips to help.

Planning your video

A good video is all in the planning and preparation. Decide whether you want to shoot your video selfie style or whether you want someone else to film you.

Shooting your video

Here are some things to think about when filming the video

  • Light - Can you increase the light in the room? It might appear bright to the human eye but the camera on your phone may struggle. Be sure to face the light source so that your face is the brightest part of the picture
  • Background – Look at the background of what you’re filming – what can you see? Is it uncluttered? Does the entire frame portray the message you want it to?
  • Noise – limit background noise and avoid filming outside if there is traffic or any wind
  • Holding your phone – Hold your phone upright in portrait mode, as this style of video has a greater engagement rate on social media. If you’re getting a static shot then try to keep the phone straight and level and consider the use of a little tripod or something to rest the phone on
  • Smile…and relax – Try to be as relaxed as possible and project your smile through your entire face and eyes

Sharing your video

If your video needs trimming you can usually do this using the camera app on your camera smartphone, though we have also provided a list of free editing apps below.

Then please share it to your social media accounts. Be sure to tag us in @westnorthants on Facebook or Twitter and @West Northamptonshire Council on LinkedIn and email [email protected], we can then share your videos on our channels to help spread the message further.

Free video editing software

Video script suggested wording

The rising cost of living is causing uncertainty, worry and concern for many of us right now, but we want you to know – you are not alone. 

We understand it can be difficult to find out what support is available to you, so to help with this, we have worked with West Northamptonshire Council to create a Cost of Living Support hub.

The hub contains lots of information on accessing grants and receiving money you’re entitled to, as well as debt advice, government funding, energy saving tips and so much more.

It also includes some tips that you can do at home to help keep daily costs down, so do have a look and see if they can work for you and your family.

Please visit and search for ‘cost of living’.

We are also working with local community groups to offer Warm Spaces to support anyone struggling with the cost of living this winter. You can view the Warm Spaces Directory in the hub and find the nearest location to you.

If you, or someone you know, do not have access to the internet, you can call WNC’s dedicated team and talk to someone directly about the support available on 0300 126 700.

Finally, it is vital that you, your family and those you care about have the resources needed to live well. If you do need a little bit of extra help or would like to know more about the support you may be entitled to, please do pick up the phone or visit our support hub for more information.

Thank you.

Last updated 01 March 2023