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Cemetery conduct and maintenance

Respecting cemetery grounds

You must always keep your dog on a leash and make sure to pick up after your dog inside cemetery grounds. Make sure that you leave the cemetery in the same state as the moment you entered. Please use the litter bins provided or take your litter home.

Items brought into or removed from cemeteries

Please do not bring anything into the cemeteries other than flowers or similar objects and materials for placing on a grave. Please keep in mind the type of grave you are visiting and the rules surrounding them. Do not take anything from the cemeteries unless the Cemetery Office gives you consent to remove something.

Do not leave anything in the cemeteries other than your footsteps.  Make sure to be as respectful as possible to the cemetery, cemetery staff and those who may be grieving.

Maintenance of graves and memorials

All graves, vaults and memorials shall be kept in good condition. Notice may be given to repair defects. Failure to carry out the repair will result in our cemetery staff making the area safe. If the name and address of the grave holder or next of kin is not known, the notice may be placed on the grave or memorial.

Scheduled ground maintenance will take place all year round. There might be times when extra work needs to be done on a grave, for example topping up after the ground settles. This will be done without telling the grave holder as part of the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery. We are careful not to move or damage monuments, plants and memorabilia within the border area while this work is carried out.

Disturbance and damage

Every person visiting a cemetery should avoid causing any disturbance or damage and leave the cemetery in the condition it was found. Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable and will be challenged. We take no responsibility for loss of or damage to anything brought into the cemeteries.

Vehicle Conduct

Any vehicle entering the cemetery must travel at a maximum of 10 mph. Visitors must not park in a way that blocks other vehicles from leaving. Vehicles may not be driven on to the footpaths, and must be removed from the area of an incoming funeral in order to keep access clear for funeral cortege

Grievance procedure

In the event that you are unhappy with the service received, please contact the cemetery office. Please find the cemetery office contact details on the Cemetery services page.

Last updated 25 April 2024