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About emergency planning

The Emergency Planning team prepare, maintain and review arrangements for dealing with major incidents across West Northamptonshire. We work closely with the emergency services and many other agencies and organisations.

More information about what we do

  • We continually assess the risks posed within Northamptonshire
  • We develop and maintain plans to ensure that procedures are in place to control and mitigate their impact
  • This includes developing processes to maintain business continuity within the Council

  • We provide training to internal staff and partner agencies to develop skills in emergency management
  • The emergency planning team often receive training from our partner agencies to increase our own capabilities and response skills

  • The emergency planning team conduct weekly training sessions to test the teams’ ability and continually improve
  • We test our emergency response and others by scheduling and taking part in exercises
  • This enables us to check that procedures and arrangements work effectively and gives valuable experience in a controlled environment

  • We work closely with local groups, people and partner agencies to share information and ensure our plans and procedures are all-inclusive
  • This helps us provide an effective and co-ordinated response to emergency incidents

  • We respond to any emergency when we are called upon
  • Our Emergency Planning Officers are on call 24 hours a day to response to emergency incidents

Last updated 18 May 2023