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Strong winds and storms

If an emergency weather warning has been broadcast by the Met Office, the following actions should be taken in order to limit the amount of damage that could be inflicted on your home and belongings:

  • place cars in garages or where they will be protected from flying debris, such as tiles or branches
  • secure items outside your home that could be blown away, such as patio furniture, bins and so on
  • remove items from around your home that may be blown into windows/patio doors
  • keep pets indoors
  • shelter outdoor pets, or bring under cover in a protected location
  • check that nearby trees and/or tall structures are undamaged and in good repair and are not in danger of being blown over and damaging your home or placing people in danger

If high winds have been forecast or are happening now, then you should take the following action:

  • keep an eye on the warnings and listen in to the local media for any further warnings or emergency information
  • do not go outside unless it is safe or it is absolutely essential that you do so
  • if you must go outside watch out for flying debris and wear eye and head protection if possible
  • do not attempt to make any repairs until the storm is over
  • do not drive unless you have to. If you have to drive, drive slowly and with great care, use your lights to make you more visible.
  • do not drive high sided vehicles and keep your distance from other vehicles
  • if power cables are brought down by high winds stay away from them, do not touch any item that may be touching power lines
  • report downed or damaged power lines to your electricity provider
  • do not attempt to remove any downed trees
  • report fallen trees on roads to us

Last updated 11 April 2024