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Level 3 course in Health and Safety

Course type

E-learning accredited by The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

Course description

This is a 10 hour e-learning course with 6 modules on level 3 health and safety concluding with a 40 question course review.

The course is very relevant for anyone who manages or supervises health and safety within an organisation. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor health and safety management procedures and systems.

Course content

  • Module objectives
  • High quality colour images and illustrations
  • In-course quick reviews
  • End of course test

Course coverage

Introduction to health and safety

  • The role of health and safety in the workplace; be able to state the potential direct and indirect costs of poor standards of workplace health and safety both to individuals and to the employer
  • Learners will be able to define the terms 'hazard', 'risk', 'control measure', 'accident' and 'near-miss' as well as explain the roles of occupational, environmental and human factors and how these can be used to structure inspections, investigations and audits


Learners will be aware of the scope of UK health and safety legislation and associated guidance and be able to:

  • Explain the roles of primary and secondary legislation in health and safety law
  • Explain the legal status and practical application of Approved Codes of Practice, guidance and other publications in assisting employers to fulfil their health and safety duties
  • Outline the powers of enforcement officers in respect of health and safety as well as enforcement actions that might be taken, and the penalties that can be imposed, for breaches of health and safety law

Accidents in the workplace

  • Learners will appreciate the scope of work-related accidents, understand the roles that accident reporting and investigation play in accident prevention; identify the range of common workplace accidents and link these to human, occupational and environmental factors
  • Describe the legal requirements and organisational needs with respect to reporting and recording of accidents and near misses. Outline the main principles involved in carrying out an incident investigation. Identify safety hazards and select suitable control measures to prevent accidents
  • Ill health in the workplace
  • Appreciate the scope of work-related ill health, understand methods for its identification and prevention to describe the characteristics of common work related ill health conditions and give examples of their causes in terms of work exposure and activities
  • Describe the legal requirements and organisational needs with respect to the reporting of incidents of work-related ill health. Identify health hazards and select suitable control measures

Health and safety organisation and management

  • Understand the need for a structured management approach to health and safety. Understand the key factors in implementing health and safety policy; explain the meaning of the term 'health and safety culture' and identify the characteristics of a positive health and safety culture in the workplace
  • Outline the requirements and means for providing health and safety information to employees and state the requirements for employee representation and consultation on health and safety matters with effective communication in the workplace

The role of supervisors

  • The key role that supervisors play in communicating, implementing and monitoring health and safety policy to describe the role of supervisors and managers in promoting good standards of health and safety and compliance with organisational and legal requirements
  • Explain the role of PPE in controlling hazards and the supervisor's role in ensuring its effectiveness; describe procedures for monitoring the effectiveness of control measures and identify methods for motivating staff to work safely and to contribute to the development of a positive health and safety culture

Additional information

Log-in details for your e-learning will be provided within three working days of booking. Once you have completed your e-learning, you will be able to access your certificate. It is recommended that you save this separately for future reference as access to the course is only available for twelve months from the date of booking.

Cost: £180

Last updated 14 May 2024