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Pest Control - Daventry and South Northamptonshire

We may be able to offer a service which includes visits for pest identification, advice and treatments. Costs can vary. For a personal quote fill in the pest control quotation form


You will be given details how to make payment and appointment times with the quotation information.

Keeping your home clean and tidy will help reduce risks of pests but if you suffer an infestation or are concerned about a possible problem with any of the creatures, you may need to employ the services of a pest controller.
Visit Pestaware for more information about employing a pest controller. 

What to do if you are concerned 

You can take some simple steps to help control rats and mice at your property. The first step to controlling mice and rats is to find out where they are living and feeding, and their routes between these areas. Look for:

  • holes and burrows
  • damage and gnawing
  • droppings
  • footprints
  • a musky smell

Try blocking any holes you find with newspaper and come back 24 hours later to see which holes have been re-opened. You can then permanently seal all access holes and routes.

Proofing and prevention measures

As a general rule if you can pass a pencil through a gap a young mouse can pass through too. Mice and rats infestations can be avoided by blocking access to your home:

  • check air bricks are in place and intact (don't block them)
  • look for access points around gas, electricity and water pipes
  • check that doors fit tightly
  • fit cone guards and balloon guards to drainpipes to stop rats climbing up - these are available from hardware or DIY shops
  • make sure drain covers, air vents and grilles are in place and not damaged

Filling material needs to be substantial, for example, cement or razor wire wool and particular attention should be given to external entry points such as where pipes go through walls or broken airbricks. Pay particular attention to any gaps round doors and skirting boards and airing/under stairs cupboards.

As rats live in sewers it is important that immediate action is taken to mend damaged drains/drain covers. Anglian Water has responsibility for carrying out repairs to drains/sewers at the point that your drain meets the main drain/sewer.

Improve hygiene

  • this will discourage mice and rats by restricting their food
  • store food carefully so mice and rats don't have access
  • sweep up spills as soon as they happen
  • remove rubbish
  • clean under work units and other areas where food debris builds up
  • keep the garden free of food debris
  • don't compost meat, fish, bones or bread, as these attract vermin
  • avoid over feeding wild birds or allowing a build-up of food residues

Rodents require nesting material so it is important that rubbish is cleared from gardens.

It is possible to treat rodents using preloaded bait boxes which are available from DIY shops. Please ensure that you follow the directions for use provided on the packaging.

Last updated 20 February 2024