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Getting help with Council Tax

If you have Council Tax arrears

If you are struggling to pay your council tax bill, please contact us as soon as you are able to for advice and support. Please don't let the problem get worse - the issuing of a Court Summons will result in Court Costs.

Reduce your bill

The Council may be able reduce your Council Tax with discounts or exemptions. 

Some reductions are based on a resident’s income and others are based upon the resident’s personal circumstances.  

Check any discounts or exemptions you may be entitled to by visiting our Council Tax reduction page

Are you on a low income?  You should check a Benefits Calculator to see if you can claim Council Tax Reduction to reduce your bill and any other benefits you may be able to claim.  

Get help with your debts

If you are experiencing high levels of debt in other areas including your Council Tax, rent, utilities and other creditors, there are various organisations that could help you.

They offer a variety of services including budgeting, arrangements, grants and debt consolidation.

Organisations that could help include:

  • Citizens Advice - we work closely with Citizens Advice and makes every effort to signpost customers who may require their assistance. They are available for free, independent advice on financial matters
  • Debtline - this is a free helpline for people with debt problems
  • Advice UK - you can contact independent advice agencies through this service
  • StepChange - they give a free, confidential service to help you work out realistic solutions to your debt problems, avoid becoming bankrupt and learn how to manage your money
  • Community Law - this organisation can help offer advice on debt, benefits and housing

Last updated 24 January 2024