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Food and water sampling

Food sampling provides a valuable means of surveillance to ensure that food safety and hygiene standards are monitored in accordance with current food law. It also proves to be an effective method of promoting food safety and can highlight problems, which, if not identified and resolved, may result in serious food poisoning outbreaks.

We undertake sampling within food premises throughout our area. Working with Public Health England, we participate in both local and national sampling programmes every year. To ensure that food and drink intended for human consumption is safe, samples are either purchased anonymously or taken with the owner's consent by an authorised officer. These samples may be analysed by the Public Analyst or by the Public Health England laboratory.

Sampling may also be undertaken in relation to local events, in connection with poor hygiene observed during food hygiene inspections, for imported foods or as part of an investigation into a food complaint, food contamination or food poisoning incident.

If you suspect a food premises of not following food hygiene practices please report it to us as a food complaint so we can investigate.

Last updated 12 June 2024