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Parental Contract and privacy notice

Parental Contract

Early education and childcare settings must have a Parental Contract.

This is an agreement between the family and the provider of the funded early education and childcare.

Responsibilities for parents or carers

When issuing the parental contract, parents or carers with legal responsibility for the child must:

  • complete the Parental Contract before their child takes up a funded place
  • advise settings within the Parental Contract of any funded hours claimed with a different provider
  • re-sign the contract at the beginning of each funding block to ensure the information is correct and up to date
  • view our privacy notice before they sign the Parental Contract

Responsibilities for providers

Providers must make parents aware of all additional charges at the point of registration.

If you require assistance regarding the Parental Contract, please email [email protected].

Privacy notice

The privacy notice explains how we collect, use and share your information, how we keep it safe, how long we keep it and how we will dispose of it when we no longer need it.

We must collect and share your personal information in order to provide the services you require. We are required to hold certain data by law in line with the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulations.

The privacy notice must be viewed by the parent or carer before they sign the Parental Contract.

Last updated 13 December 2023