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Gambling premises licence

A gambling premises licence allows you to run a gambling premises based business. Before applying for a gambling premises licence you must have applied for an operating licence and you must have the right to occupy the building.

A premises licence can cover the following:

  • betting shop (track ) or (other)
  • bingo hall
  • arcade
  • adult gaming centre
  • family entertainment centre
  • regional casino
  • large casino
  • small casino

The application fees vary depending on the type of premises you are running. There is also an annual fee to pay every year.

Before applying for a gambling premises licence you will need to obtain an operating licence from the Gambling Commission.

To apply

In order to submit and pay for a permit or licence under the Gambling Act 2005 you will first need to download and complete the relevant application form and upload it and any supporting documents as part of your application below. You will be asked to provide a few details about the form you have uploaded in order for the relevant payment to be calculated. You will then be required to pay the application fee at the end of the form.

For licences and permits that have annual fees due within the first 30 days of being issued, you will have the option to also pay the first annual fee at the same time. If you choose not to pay the annual fee we will send you an invoice once the permit has been granted. All subsequent annual fees will be invoiced to the details provided.



Fee typeExisting CasinoNew small CasinoNew large CasinoRegional Casino
Transitional fast-track applicationn/an/an/an/a
Transitional non-fast track application    n/an/an/an/a
New applicationn/a£8,000£10,000£15,000
Annual feen/a£5,000£10,000£15,000
Application to varyn/a£4,000£5,000£7,500
Application to transfern/a£1,800£2,150£6,500
Application for re-instatementn/a£1,800£2,150£6,500
Application for provisional statementn/a£8,000£10,000£15,000
Licence application (Provisional statement holders)n/a£3,000£5,000£8,000
Copy licencen/a£25£25£25
Notification of changen/a£50£50£50

Other premises

Fee typeBingo ClubBetting premises (excluding Tracks)TracksFamily Entertainment CentresAdult Gaming Centre
Transitional fast-track applicationn/a£300£300£300£300
Transitional non-fast track application    n/a£1,500£1,250£1,000£1,000
New application£3,500£3,000£2,500£1,000£1,000
Annual fee£1,000£600£1,000`£750£1,000
Application to vary£1,750£1,500£1,250£1,000£1,000
Application to transfer£1,200£1,200£950£950£1,200
Application for re-instatement£1,200£1,200£950£950£1,200
Application for provisional statement£3,500£3,000£2,500£2,000£2,000
Licence application (Provisional statement holders)£1,200£1,200£950£950£1,200
Copy licence£25£25£25£25£25
Notification of change£50£50£50£50£50

Supporting information

Last updated 12 May 2023