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Specialist moving and handling

Our Specialist Moving and Handling Team are experts in moving and handling, with up-to-date knowledge on the latest equipment and techniques to support those that require care.

Our aim is to improve how care is delivered taking a person-centred approach. We strive to make sure carers have access to the latest equipment to improve comfort and dignity for the person, reduce the amount of moving and handling and promote independence and autonomy where possible.

West Northants Council are investing in support to ensure where individuals wish to remain at home, they have that chance if it is safe and appropriate and not putting the person at risk of harm.

Our emphasis is on the quality of care being delivered and making it a positive experience for the individual being cared for.

Assessments from the Specialist Moving and Handling Team

Our Specialist Moving and Handling Team will provide an assessment free of charge. The assessments are carried out with the person and the carers at the centre of what we do.

Changes in moving and handling practices means that many care tasks can be managed with one carer, enabling good relationships between carer and person being cared for.

For a person paying for their own care, an assessment informs the person of the number of carers needed to meet their care needs safely.

Not all care providers practice the single-handed care approach so it worth asking the provider before starting a package of care with them.

Paying for one carer is more cost effective than paying for two so will be a consideration.

The emphasis of our assessments is on quality of care using the right equipment for the individual and making it a positive experience. A risk assessment is part of the assessment process to ensure the care practices are safe and dignified.

Risk assessments

A risk assessment is completed which considers the care task that is required to be completed, the person being moved during the care provision and the environment.

Following that risk assessment, a moving and handling plan is completed with the person describing how a person is moved during the care task and what equipment is used.

This information is helpful to carers and the person being moved so they know how they can moved safely during care provision.

The risk assessment will take into consideration the needs of the person being moved and the carer assisting the individual during movement to ensure it is safe for both people involved.

Equipment provision

Equipment is rapidly advancing and the specialist moving, and handling team accesses the latest equipment through the Integrated Community Equipment Store.

Equipment identified through assessment can be loaned free of charge to an individual who has identified care needs.

Commonly used equipment includes:

The satin sheet system is part of a unique re-positioning system that can be used as regular bed sheets for convenience when a transfer or repositioning is required.

These sheets enable transfers to be carried out without friction or shearing damage of the skin, in-turn preventing pressure sores. It is made from low friction fabric with an anti-slip surface on the edge (Can be machine washed – but do not use fabric conditioner as this will impact on the ability to reposition).

The positioning wedge is one of the most popular items we supply. It is a foam cushion with non-slip material which provides support for the person to be in a side position. It provides support for them after turning, when resting or when carers are supporting with personal care.

It also can relieve pressure off the lower back and in turn reduce risks of pressure sores for an individual. The support it provides means that there is no need for the carer to be holding the person in position and therefore reducing the risk of bruising and damage to fragile skin and therefore freeing them to provide care with one person.

The raiser is a standing transfer platform designed for short transfers. The equipment incorporates a padded leg support which is easily height adjustable and a footplate with a non-slip surface to stand on.

It can be used to facilitate single carer transfers with the strap and sleeve offering enhanced support for the person both during the stand and the transfer. The Molift raiser can be used by one carer where risk assessed as safe to do so.

Reducing bed falls and preventing injury is a top priority in care environments. The floor bed solution improves quality of life for the user and helps balance carer workload.

Gantry hoists are floor standing frames which can offer effortless support for caregivers to transfer the person, such as from the bed to chair. The use of gantry hoists can support with people only requiring one carer to support.

Installed at ceiling level complete with innovative tracking solutions, the ceiling track hoist provides smooth movements when manoeuvring and are suitable for restricted spaces.

The hoist provides the caregiver increased access to the person making their job safer with the potential for this being provided as single care. It also makes the transfer more comfortable for the person.

How to request an assessment

You can request an assessment by completing our online form:

Alternatively, you can call our Customer Services Centre and make a referral on 0300 126 7000, then press option 1, then option 2, then option 2 again.

Last updated 13 November 2023