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Electoral Register

The full Electoral Register is produced annually in December of each year. Current legislation provides for the provision of one free copy of the full register that covers the respective parish or town council area. The provision of the register is provided to assist the parish or town Clerk in the undertaking of their duties. Additionally, we produce monthly updates between January to September. This is usually on or around the first working day of the month. The monthly updates reflect the alterations that have occurred since the full register was published. There are no updates or alterations provided during October and November. This is when the annual canvass is undertaken in readiness for a new full register being produced in December.

Requesting a copy of the full register and/or subsequent updates

  • In the month prior to a new full register being published, Electoral Services will contact you with the appropriate request form to be completed for the following years register
  • Your copy of the register is available as either a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. You will be able to express your preference on the request form sent to you
  • Clerks will also be able to request the monthly updates to the register that are produced between January to September. Please note, you may not always receive alterations if none have occurred within the previous month
  • You can also find a copy of the request form in the parish and town Clerk resource library
  • Completed request forms should be emailed to [email protected]  

Points to remember

  • The full register will be an extract and cover the respective parish or town
  • Requests should be sent from a parish or town council domain email address
  • The register will be sent from a WNC email address to the parish/town council email address where available
  • The register is a data sensitive document. As such it should be treated as confidential and held securely.
  • Please do not archive unnecessary and out of date registers. At the start of the new register in December, the previous year should be securely deleted/disposed of
  • If an elector within your parish or town wishes to view the register or enquires about their own or another individual’s registration status, they must be directed to contact Electoral Services in all circumstances

What can I use the Electoral Register for?

Legislation is in place that limits the use and who is able to access the Electoral Register. We would like to draw your attention to the relevant piece of legislation that you are agreeing to by requesting your copy of the register: 

Regulation 107
(8)    No parish councillor, person employed by or otherwise assisting (whether or not for reward) a parish council and to which a copy of the register has been supplied may –
(a)    supply a copy of the full register to any person,
(b)    disclose any information contained in it (that is not contained in the open register), or
(c)    make use of any such information,
otherwise than for the purpose of establishing whether any person is entitled to attend and participate in a meeting of, or take any action on behalf of the parish.

Last updated 06 July 2023