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Parish and town council elections within West Northamptonshire occur every four years. The next scheduled elections are due to take place in May 2025. The nomination period is a defined period of time that immediately precedes an election. Candidates who wish to stand for election to the position of Councillor for a town or parish must complete the relevant nomination pack. The nomination period will occur in one of two scenarios:

  • A scheduled election - the nomination period will precede a parish/town scheduled election that occurs at four yearly intervals or
  • Public Notice of Vacancy - the Returning Officer receives sufficient signatures requesting an election. These signatories are from registered voters from within the parish/town in response to a Public Notice of Vacancy. The request must be received within the 14-day period as stated on the Public Notice of Vacancy. 

The timeframe and deadline for the receipt of nominations will be published within the Notice of Election. Prospective candidates should pay close attention to the deadlines for submission and the location of the relevant accepting office. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.

How can prospective candidates receive a Nomination Pack?

  • Parish and town clerks may receive requests from candidates for the Nomination Pack. The correct pack is available to download and print from within the Resource library.
  • We strongly recommend that clerks direct prospective candidates to the comprehensive guidance notes available on the Electoral Commission website. Candidates will also be able to download additional copies of the template from here.

Notes to remember

  • There are several different nomination packs available on the Electoral Commission website that correspond to different areas of Local Government within the UK. Candidates should take care and ensure that the pack they are completing is entitled ‘Parish Council in England’.
  • Nomination packs can be handwritten or typed. However, all signatures within the nomination must be a wet signature.
  • The original nomination papers must be delivered by hand before the close of nomination to the relevant office as stated on the Notice of Election. The Returning Officer will not accept emails or photocopies of the final submission. 
  • All successfully nominated candidates must complete a Declaration and Expenses Return within the 28 days following the election. If the 28-day period ends on a weekend or bank/public holiday, the period is extended to the first working day. 

Additional resources available

  • Electoral Services will receive completed nominations by appointment only. Appointments generally last 15-20 minutes per nomination and will be made available Monday – Friday, 10:00-16:00. Appointments can be booked by email to [email protected] or by phoning 0300 126 7000. The office location will depend on where the vacancy occurs.
  • Electoral Services will offer an ‘informal check’ of nomination papers prior to a formal submission. The informal check is designed to identify errors or missing information within the nomination papers. The check can be undertaken by emailing your intended final papers to [email protected].
  • By emailing your pack for an informal check, this does not constitute a formal acceptance of a candidate’s nomination. Nor does it replace the requirement for the original nomination to be formally submitted by hand within the defined time as stated on the Notice of Election.

Last updated 06 July 2023