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Other types of roadworks


  • Economical and preventative surface treatment for roads
  • Great in urban areas

Microasphalt is an economical way of resurfacing roads which are starting to show the first signs of wear and tear. This is used when the structure of the road is good but the very top surface is beginning to wear and needs sealing to stop water getting in, preventing major deterioration. Treatments usually take place between May and September.

Thermal road repairs

  • A great way to use existing materials
  • Tackles potholes

We use heat to reform carriageways to a very high standard. The thermal heat process ensures surrounding areas are not damaged. The process does not require the full use of planers, tippers, bitumen sprayers or loaders which means less noise. Jointless repairs use 80 to 90% recycled materials that eliminate landfill waste and lower the carbon footprint of the repair.


  • An effective and efficient road surface treatment
  • Great for rural roads

The Roadmaster is an all-in-one spray injection chip patching system requiring just one person.

It treats surface defects effectively - sealing the target area, filling cracking and removing potholes whilst regulating the surface. It produces a better finish and it reduces the likelihood of road repairs failing prematurely.

Last updated 16 October 2023