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Non-entitled (paid for) school travel assistance

If you are not eligible for free school travel assistance, you can apply to pay for a seat on one of our existing contracted services.

We cannot offer you financial help or discounts  under the non-entitled (paid for) scheme.  

You may be able to get a place on non-entitled school travel assistance if:

  • you pay for it
  • there is a spare space on an existing contracted service

Spare spaces will be offered on a first come, first served basis. We can guarantee a seat on one of our contracted transport services if you apply on or before the 31st May prior to the September of the new academic year. 

After this deadline, guaranteed seats are not available, and applications will be subject to availability. Applications will be considered after we allocate seats to statutory students and may not be processed until the October half term. 

Parents/carers will be responsible for arranging transport and the associated cost until such time as we are able to offer a seat on our contracted services. 

Make an application

When you submit an application by the deadline, you will be committing to purchasing a seat for the full academic year at a cost of £1000.

Discounts will not be available if transport is used for only part of the year. For example, due to your child passing their driving test. 

Refunds for transport that is no longer required will only be considered in exceptional circumstances e.g. where a family has to move suddenly to temporary accommodation because of a house fire or domestic violence. No refunds will be provided for transport already utilised.  

If you have applied for transport and it is no longer required, please cancel it by emailing the relevant team below prior to the start of the academic year:

If the academic year has begun and you no longer require transport, you must tell us in writing. If we have already allocated your child a seat, we will endeavour to reassign this to another student on our waiting list. If however this is not possible, you will be responsible for paying the £1,000 contribution.

You should tell us why you are cancelling the transport and the last date of travel. If you have been issued a bus pass, you must send this with the letter.

Read more about cancelling your application.

It is important to remember that until we receive the letter of cancellation, and where applicable the bus pass, you will still be liable for any costs incurred. If the school issue their own bus passes, please state this on the letter of cancellation so that we can notify the school’s administration department.

Please consider returning the bus pass using a recorded or signed-for delivery method.


If you do not pay an invoice, we will contact a debt collection agency to recover any outstanding amounts. 
If your application is received by the guaranteed deadline of 31st May and is approved, you will receive an invoice prior to the October half term.

If you've opted for the yearly payment plan, the invoice will be £1000. We are currently revising our processes to allow parents and/carers to pay their invoices up to a period of 12 months from receipt of their travel assistance.

If invoices are not paid on time, or travel facilities or bus passes are misused, we reserve the right to withdraw the travel entitlement and recover any outstanding costs.  

The "Code of Conduct" and, if relevant, the "conditions of use" are printed on the back of the bus pass. Any misuse, such as misbehaviour, that violates these rules could result in the transportation being invalidated. No refund will be given. 

Parents or Legal Guardians and students are required to read and adhere to the “Code of Conduct”.

This scheme is only available on existing contracted home to school transport vehicles. Students will be expected to make their own way (accompanied where necessary) to the nearest scheduled boarding point where the transport vehicle operates. 

The service will not alter its route to accommodate non- entitled students even where the vehicle passes through or near your village.

Applications received after 31 May for the academic starting in September are deemed non-guaranteed seats.
If your child is allocated a non-guaranteed seat, we may need to withdraw the offer if we receive an application from a statutory entitled pupil. 

We will give you written notice up to 14 days in advance if this happens. You will receive a partial refund of any fees paid and you will be required to make alternative transport arrangements.

There may be occasions when transport is suspended due to adverse weather or issues with operator recourses. We try our best to prevent this, but if it happens, it is your responsibility to arrange transport to and from school. We will not reimburse any costs incurred. 

We will make every effort to restore the transport arrangements as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this scheme or the status of your application, please email the relevant team on:

If you are applying for a school place starting in September 2024, please refer to this policy to establish whether your child is entitled to free home to school transport:

Please note that this policy is applicable for the academic year 2023/2024:

See the travel assistance code of conduct.

Check if your income entitles you to free school travel assistance.

You need to apply every year for non-entitled school travel assistance, even if you had a space in the previous year.

After applying

After you make your application:

  1. we will check for a spare space on a service relevant to you - if there isn't a space we will hold onto your application and contact you if a space becomes available
  2. if there is a suitable spare space, you will receive an email from the School Transport team with a link to pay for school transport (either in full or in instalments)
  3. you make the payment
  4. you will receive a letter, including your travel pass, confirming your school transport details before term begins
  5. an invoice will be issued prior to the October half term detailing options for payment

Last updated 06 June 2024