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Daventry Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), other guides and Village Design Statements

Supplementary Planning Documents

The consultation on the draft Overstone SPD ran from 15 March to 26 April 2021.

The document relates to the architectural and historic interest of Overstone Hall.

Please address any queries to [email protected].

This SPD explains how biodiversity should be integrated into the development process to ensure policy and legislation requirements are met.

This SPD provides detailed advice on the delivery of a wide range of housing as set out in adopted policies. 

This SPD sets out how development can be more energy efficient and maximise the use of renewable energy.

This SPD provides guidance for the development of this site. 

This SPD is used to determine the developer contributions required from development in the Daventry area.

This SPD provides guidance on developing sites at Middlemore, Daventry.

Middlemore Site 1 Supplementary Planning Guidance, October 2001

Middlemore Site 2 Supplementary Planning Guidance, October 2001

Middlemore Site 3a Supplementary Planning Guidance, October 2001

Middlemore Site 3b Supplementary Planning Guidance, October 2001

Middlemore Site 3c Supplementary Planning Guidance, January 2002

Middlemore Site 4 Supplementary Planning Guidance, July 2005

Middlemore Site 5a Supplementary Planning Guidance, April 2004

Middlemore Site 5b Development Brief

Middlemore Site 6 Development Brief (March 2007)

Middlemore Site 7,8 &9 Development Brief

This SPD was produced to help create places of character, that are sustainable and secure in Daventry. 

This SPD provides guidance on the development of the Daventry International Rail Freight Transport (DIRFT).

Guidance on residential design in Church Brampton.

Provides guidelines on the future of the Grand Union Canal at Braunston.

Provided guidelines on the Design and Location of Agricultural Buildings.

Other guidance

The following guidance on a variety of planning issues is relevant in the Daventry area. These consist of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs), masterplans and planning briefs.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Supplementary planning guidance is no longer produced. Since 2004 these have been replaced by Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), however they remain material considerations in planning decisions.

Guidance on designing house extensions

Guidance for applicants altering or installing shop fronts or signs


Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements are prepared by Parish Councils, and following consultation they are adopted by the Council as Supplementary Planning Documents.

Last updated 29 August 2023